Think for our world
   Since our executives and all of our employees become aware of the environmental responsibility.  Everyone has been educated for good conscious mind.  Everyone of us has missions to create and brainstorm for our better world.  That’s why we create our Greenmind product.  Greenmind has its duties as if it is our representative.

Greenmind has been created on the idea of environmental-friendly awareness.
Greenmind has been created on the basis of earth compassionate.
Greenmind has been created together with the duty of environmental conservation for sustainability.
Greenmind has been created for every life on our earth.
Greenmind is biodegradable.
Greenmind utilizes recycle package.
Greenmind does not experiment with animals.
Greenmind is safe and user friendly when it is used correctly.
Greenmind utilizes SOY INK label printing ink which is environmental friendly.
Good Invention for You
    Greenmind is a product which has been delicately created from our R & D department, with the task from the commitment of everyone.  Every employee is aware of the valuable creation and innovation.
    Every product has been invented with efficiency by selecting environmental-friendly materials and researching materials which are suitable with each product and suitable for each application.
    Our staffs never stop inventing new formulas for new products to push forward and keep up with modern technology.  Therefore, our every product is intelligent and up-to-date.
Think for World-Class Standard
    Our R&D department has developed our products for more efficiency as our Thai-brand products which have quality as good as world-class standard.
    Our every product meets the consumers’ needs on quality, worthiness, safety towards users and environment with certified manufacturing standard which has been registered from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) according to the law.  Thus, Greenmind is the most worthwhile choice for everyone.

Greenmind is manufactured with world-class standard equipments.
Greenmind package is designed beautifully and valuably with superior standard than other brands.
Greenmind consists of professional product R&D team in order to develop the products to have standard as same as world-class standard.
Think to Meet Every Need
    Greenmind has been originated from our staffs full of long-lasting experience who know consumers’ needs very well.  That’s why every product can meet every need, and every product will be developed further to achieve the maximum benefits for consumers.
    Greenmind meets every need of users; such as professional users; e.g. users in service businesses and industrial sectors who need strong and high-quality products in reasonable costs.  Green Mind is also safe and proper for household users.
Greenmind offers full-range products for every need of cleaning-service businesspersons who emphasize on worthiness.  Green Mind can help you manage your cost perfectly.


    Greenmind is suitable for a car-care business as the product range offers car-watching foam, car exterior waxing liquid, interior waxing liquid, tire-waxing liquid, oil dispersant, engine-bay washing solution.
    Greenmind offers full-range products for accommodation entrepreneurs; e.g. hotels, resorts, guesthouses, apartments, and dormitories.
    Greenmind is professional in washing persistent spots and oil stains in factories and kitchens.
    Greenmind mixes laundry products effectively, best for industrial and household laundry.