GREENMIND DUSTER is a pleasant - scented liquid dust mop and will keep the floor looking its best and reduced the wear and abrasion on the floor surface. It is able to use for all floor and ready to use.

PACKING SIZE : 1 L., 3.8 L.

Caution : Do not spray directly on the floor. Do not spray excessive quantities on a mob. It will make the floor slippery and dangerous.

Applies to all flooring surfaces such as marble, granite, terrazzo, parquet and laminate.

For removed dust on floor
Spray GREENMIND DUSTER on dust mop untilmoist. don't wet and keep about 2-3 min before using.

For removed dust on furniture
Spray GREENMIND DUSTER on the cloth that shouldn't be wet and then wipe the area of furniture to be cleaned.

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