GREENMIND WINNEX Glass & Surface cleaner

GREENMIND WINNEX is suitable for cleaning and wipeing off dirt and grease. Use with glass and general surfaces such as Formica, Chromium, Stainless, Aluminum, etc. Suitable for general purposes, suitable for tools and appliances such as furniture, door, window, tables and counter.

PACKING SIZE : 650 ml., 3.8 L. , 20 L.

Suitable for cleaning and wipeing off dirt and grease.

Pour GREENMIND WINNEX in a sprayer. Spray on the area where you want to clean and wipe off with clean and dried cloth.

In case of using with Window cleaning tools
1. Wipe off all the dust at the edge of the glass with dried cloth.
2. Mix GREENMIND WINNEX with clean water in ratio of 1 : 1
3. Soak wool in prepared solution and use squeegees to squeeze off some the solution on the wool.
4. Wipe on dirty glass surface.
5. Use squeegees to wipe off and dry the glass.
6. Soak a cloth in the solution to clean off the dirt on glass edge from solution’s flow.